Professional. Reliable. Flexible.

Annual Maintenance Plans & Contracts

Budget-friendly and reliable, we can work with you to develop a yearly maintenance plan that meets your needs and makes the best use of your resources. With a set fee each month, you know your property will be beautifully manicured in the summer and safe and slip-free in the winter – without surprise expenses. A yearly maintenance contract is not only practical, but also affordable.

Customized Service

At Carrier, there are no contract obligations. We fulfill our clients’ needs on an individual basis. Call us for a complete maintenance package or a single, pay-as-you-go service. Our skilled and agile team works tirelessly to be there when you need us.

Top Equipment, Top Staff

“With a highly trained staff and top quality tools and machinery, Carrier Lawn and Landscape can swiftly and efficiently clear your property of sand, snow, or unsightly tall grass. Our nimble team is flexible, able to work evenings and weekends to avoid interruption or inconvenience during your workday.